Pencils Down, Noses On

Between now and May 25, schools across America are supporting Red Nose Day. Each and every one is raising money to save and change the lives of children living in poverty. It's kids helping kids – is there anything better than that?

Schools, celebrities and communities around the country have come together to show their support for Red Nose Day. Explore, become inspired, and start your own fundraiser. 

Start fundraising in your classroom

Look who's supporting Red Nose Day

  • Maddie Ziegler

    Maddie Ziegler

  • Darren Young

    WWE Superstar Darren Young 

  • Mackenzie Ziegler

    Mackenzie Ziegler

Need some more inspiration?


Buy or bake your favorite treats, and add some red sprinkles and decorations for fun!

Warm up the oven

Penny Drive

Small change can make a huge difference. Collect coins around home and school.   

Collect change for change

Movie Night

Invite your friends and family to a movie night. Charge a fee at the door, sell noses and snacks. 

Lights, camera, Noses On

Walk to Work

Bring out your inner gym buff and get sponsored to walk, bike, or run to work. 

Get fit for a good cause

Get started message row

You've seen the fundraising in action and you've got a few ideas up your sleeve. We think you're ready.

Just choose from below: You can download a fundraising kit to bring into class, get started now by setting up a Red Nose Day fundraising page, or check out even more brilliant fundraising ideas. Whatever you choose, just do what you love. You'll have a lot of fun – and you'll be helping save and change children's lives.

Feeling inspired?

Classrooms across the country

Wondering what else kids in classes across these great fifty states doing to help? You're in luck. We've gathered some of our favorite clips from classrooms below. Once you've got your own idea, start a fundraiser in your classroom. We definitely recommend it.

Classrooms across the country are getting involved

  • Gymnastics Kids
    media block

    Champions Gymnastics Club in Jacksonville, FL

  • Kid from Branchburg
    media block

    Branchburg Middle School from Branchburg, NJ